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The iron trials
The main character Callum Hood doesn't want to be a magician, he wants to fail the exam. However he fails at failing it. Another thing about him, is when he was a baby his leg was badly broken. I like how the author continued to make it a part of his character and not just forget about it, for example when he wonders if he can learn to fly as a magician, thus making him more mobile.
Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror
Children going to school to learn how to repress their violent natures instead of embracing them. I've read pretty far into the story and the former sentence is what the entire story is about. What I don't like about the book is how the school treats the students, when they first arrive at school the teachers don't really care about their well being,theyre pretty much unsympathetic to the students circumstances and only care about teaching them to control their monsterly instincts. What I like about this book is how the school has a hierachy and how vampires are at the top of the chain, and the author makes fun of them especially when one of them identifies as a slug. I am hoping for the rest of the story to be as good or even better than it is currently.
A grimm warning
There are many plot twists that has me hooked to the serie. I can clearly see the character development ,especially from Red riding hood and there's a lot of humor in the story. It started a bit slowly and I almost gave up ,but I continued on and was not disappointed.