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The Keeper of the Lost Cities
Just your standard Mary sue character with many love interests and a tragic backstory. The main character Sofie Foster has many special powers unlike the other elves who only has 1, this is too OP for a character and it is clearly established in the 1st book that she is the chosen one who will save their world from the nefarious group, black swan.
The Percy Jackson series
First of all, I would like to commend the author for his engaging tone. It has kept me hooked from the first book, The Lightning Thief, all the way to the latest book, The Burning Maze. Secondly, I like how the characters from mythology has adapted to the modern world. For exmaple, When the heroes of one of the books visit the headquarters of Amazon.com, they find it is run by actual Amazons. Lastly, his books has many representation, such as ADHD, LGBT etc. I feel that this is a great way of exposing children to these communities as the books are targeted for 9-10 year olds according to common sense media.
The Harry Potter series
Personally, not to offend any fans out there, I feel that the series is overrated. Yes it is a good book and has great world building. However it does not mean that is the best book, it is just one of the best.For example, Harry Potter aims to deliver a message against bigotry but fails at that - Slytherins are constantly portrayed in a bad light, right until the end of the series; except for Snape and Slughorn, the Slytherins did not get a chance at redemption (or maybe they did, years after the Battle of Hogwarts).